Valley Brook Farm All Natural Dog Treats

Our All Natural Do treats are made from our very own livestock.  Our mission here is to make sure nothing is wasted. These are all natural they have not had any preservatives or additives of any kind added to them. The have been dehydrated and are made fresh for your pet.  Our inventory does vary by the time of year. Some of the treats are only offered in a limited volume.

With all the pet food recalls out in the world now its hard to be sure what is safe to feed your pet. Our treats are sourced from grass fed or organic sources. We do not add preservatives or alter these treats in any way.

As with people pets vary. Like people they all have their likes and dislikes. Most all dogs do love these treats as they seem to appeal to their most primal and primitive instincts. These are all natural. Therefore they are much richer than store bought treats. These treats should be introduced slowly so as to not cause upset stomachs etc.  People have reported that these treats make a great high value training treat. People have used these treats when training high energy, or dogs suffering from anxiety issues. These treats will usually increase the dogs focus.

Doggy Delights Chicken Feet Dog Treats

Chicken feet for dogs? These perfectly safe treats are sure to be a hit with your pooch. These feet have been carefully prepared and dehydrated. These feet are safe to feed as they been dehydrated at a low temperature over a long period of time. Cooking chicken bones at high temperatures that is required for human consumption is what causes chicken bones to because brittle and shatter when chewed. These bones have been carefully prepared to be safe for pet treating. Your dog will love these treats.

* 100% Digestible Dog Treat

*No Additives or Preservatives

* Not Smoked or altered in any way


*Naturally High in Chondroitin, which may help with Joint Pain and Mobility

* Provides dental care by massaging gums and removing plaque

* Tons of enjoyment for your pooch.

* Cheaper and locally sourced than box stores

.75 each

$4.50 1/2 dozen

$9.00 Dozen

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All Natural Liver Treats

Valley Brook Farm's All Natural Liver Jerky Treats. These treats are made from outrvery own grass fed and naturally raised lamb. There are no additives. These treats are dehydrated then baked for optimal safety and freshness. These crunchy jerky treats are a favorite with our farm dog! 

We have a few variety's to choose from:





(Because of it being a seasonal product we only have limited amounts of Lamb, Chicken and turkey Liver.) To extend shelf life our customers sometimes buy in bulk and store in the freezer and take a small amount out at a time to use. This holds freshness and extends shelf life.

Here's some pawsitive benefits to liver treats:

* Concentrated source of Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant

*High in Iron & Protein

* Great source of Vitamin B-12

*All natural no flavorings or preservatives

*Made in the U.S.A, from a small farm in VT

*Liver is not full of toxins as is commonly believed. The liver acts as a neutralizer, and contains no more toxins than any other organ or meat.

* Great for training aids, or treats.

*Feed in small amounts to prevent vitamin A overdose.

As with all treats feed in moderation and with supervision. These treats can be easily broken into smaller treats. Packages do vary. Pieces range from 1"-6" long. Ships within the U.S. 1 day handling time.

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Kidney Crisps

Dogs love our Kidney Crisps . These small bite sized treats are great for high reward training. These treats are very rich and tasty but are not as high in Vit A as other organ meat. Also available in Lamb & Beef.

Tasty Tongue Treats 

I know what your thinking! EWWWW. But boy do dogs love these crunchy little bits. These are still rich but do not contain as much vitamins and minerals as the organs as the tongue is higher in protein

Available in Pork and Lamb.

Heart Chips

Dogs love these crunchy chips. While not high in Vitamins they do have a higher fat content.  All of these treats can be easily broken into smaller pieces for multiple treatings. Available in Pork, Beef Lamb, and chicken. 

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