About us:

We are a small family farm. We have been involved in various aspects of agriculture for over 20 years. We started as a small hobby farm. Horses, cattle, goats. In 2011 my husband was injured in a farm accident leaving him disabled. We had to re evaluate who we were and where we were going. This is how Valley Brook Farm was born. Starting out as a 4-H project for our daughter Jessie, we originally started out with Romney Sheep. Romneys are a wool breed. We quickly decided that this was not the breed for us! We discovered the Tunis at a local fair and instantly fell in love. Jessie used her hard earned premium money to buy the first Tunis and the rest is history. We have since added other en devours to our little operation. 

Here at Valley Brook Farm everything here is done for the comfort and care of the critters who live here. We raise our animals as naturally as possible. Our animals are free range they come and go as they please. They are pastured in the summer. We do not raise anyone in feedlot conditions. Our poultry is all cage free. We practice Holistic Management here on the farm.

We place a high premium on quality of life for the livestock in our care, and equally important to us is education. We support all forms of agriculture education and donate and volunteer with both 4-H and FFA. The sheep in our care are shown and cared for by 4-H children. 

We have many enterprises here on the farm. We utilize all of our resources available to us. Nothing goes to waste! Feel free to look around our site or drop us a line!