All Natural Roasting Chickens...

Our roasting chickens are of the highest quality. We specifically raise Cornish Cross roasting chickens. We have found that they gain well and fit well into our poultry program here.

We are a cage free operation, our birds are well cared for in all seasons, heat when its cold and fans when it is hot. We raise our birds naturally and do not withhold feed or water at any time. While we do not feed "organic feed",(the cost is prohibitive. We do feed a locally sourced grain that does not use GMO feeds or antibiotics. We process our birds here on the farm. Our equipment is modern, while we do enjoy doing things the old fashioned way. Our poultry processing is humane, and and sanitary at all times. We are licensed to sell our poultry here on the farm. All birds are packaged in BPA free shrink bags, and frozen. Our birds range from 4-8 pounds. Roasting chickens are $2.49/lb.

We do offer large package deals for larger fill your freezer orders. We also do pre buys, buy early and let us know when you want to pick it up.

Our Egg Producers

We use Golden and black Comet laying hens to produce our lovely brown eggs. Our girls are cage free, and like the broiler chickens have all the comforts we can provide. We prefer the Golden or Black Comets for egg production as they begin to lay at an early age. We have also found that most of our girls actually lay through their molt. Which is uncommon in chickens. After a year they begin to lay Brown Jumbo eggs! We do also have some retirees that hang around the farm.  All of our retirees turn from egg production to pest control as their primary job. We have Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, NH Reds and a few others.

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Lets Talk Turkey......

During the summer we raise White Broad Breasted Turkeys for Thanksgiving! We process the turkeys here on the farm about a week before Thanksgiving. They are packaged the same way our  roasting chickens are in BPA free plastic shrink bags. Unless requested we sell frozen. Let us know if you are interested in placing an order for a delicious Turkey for your family at Thanksgiving.  2019 price $2.99/lb

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